Model Build - Pre-Orders

This information below is based on Pre-Orders only.

Typically, we would list an item on our website once we hear about a product release from Tamiya. We don't always know the full price of the item at the time of the listing, as these details aren't always released with the announcement. The typical Pre-Order price for a kit would be £50 and around £10-£20 for smaller items. We always ask for the customer to make the Pre-Order through our website using the "Pre-Order - No Payment Required" option at checkout, this way no money is exchanged at the point of sale. This is to protect you the customer from monies being held for long periods of time until the item is released in the UK. This also makes it easier for the order to be cancelled either by the customer or by us. We don't normally know how many items we will receive and therefore can't guarantee 100% of all the Pre-Orders. If a customer does make payment for the item, we will have no choice but to refund them in full. Paying for an item upfront doesn't increase your chance of getting the item ordered! If we don't receive the required stock to fulfil all orders, customers will be notified and their order cancelled. We can only work with the information we have at the time of release, which is generally very limited, and have no control over what we receive in terms of stock.

Once we get notified of the stock coming into us from Tamiya, we will inform customers in the priority of the orders received, and request any monies outstanding to confirm the order. Once any outstanding balance has been paid, we will then dispatch the item and upload the tracking details to the order page.

    We always try and keep our Facebook page updated with the latest information from Tamiya, so please follow us.

    Please Remember: No Pre-Orders are guaranteed, its dependent on the amount of stock we receive.