Tamiya 47470 Top-Force Evo. 2021 - Coming Soon!

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Tamiya - Top-Force Evo. 2021

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Re-release of a Commemorative Model

The Top Force Evolution is back! This Limited Edition 4WD buggy re-release kit was originally the follow up buggy to the classic Top Force. The 2021 EVO consists of updated parts not seen in the original release.

This is an updated re-issued version of a famous 1992 racing buggy from the Tamiya annals. Lightweight and highly rigid, its double deck frame features 2mm thick carbon fiber plates that sandwich front and rear gearboxes. The motor is mounted in the rear of the model, and power is transferred with exemplary smoothness thanks to full ball bearings in the drivetrain, which employs front and rear ball differentials, plus a center one-way, and avails itself of universal shafts front and rear! The 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension features oil dampers and carbon fiber damper stays. Turnbuckle upper arms facilitate quick camber tweaks. Carbon fiber battery holders allow installation of 7.2V Racing Pack and LF2200-6.6V battery packs.

About the Top Force Evo.
Designed to possess an ultra-low center of gravity, the Top Force Evo. Sports a body that is both aerodynamic and cool to look at! The Top Force Evo. Features front and rear sealed gearboxes, sandwiched between 2mm carbon fiber plates for dependable durability. Transmission system features a hard propeller shaft and front/rear ball diff. Double wishbone suspension comes with 4 Aluminium shock dampers, and is designed for ultimate adjustability. New to this release comes the choice of rigid and one-way counter gears for variable set up options.


• 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 400mm, width: 250mm, height: 190mm. Wheelbase: 270mm.
• Polycarbonate, pre-painted and cut body with mount holes already pre-drilled.
• Features double deck frame and shock damper stays crafted in lightweight and rigid carbon fiber material.
• The shaft-driven 4WD chassis includes aluminium front and rear ball differentials for high quality setup, as well as aluminium high-capacity shock dampers for superior shock absorption.
• Choose between rigid and one-way counter gear options.
• Item 53791 universal shafts are used for the front and rear. These high-precision components provide minimal speed loss, and smooth cornering.
• Includes 540-brushed type motor.
• Includes NEW TBLE-04S ESC. Compatible with brushless motors (sensored) of 21.5 turns and higher, and Tamiya brushed motors 25 turns and over.

Separately Required Items

2-Channel R/C Unit | Battery Pack & Charger | R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter.

Condition: Brand-New (NIB)

Tamiya #47470

EAN: 4950344474707


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