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Indoor 220v Mains 360° Flush Ceiling Mounted Infra-Red Motion PIR Sensors with Daylight Control.

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The flush-mounted LCD501 sensor optimises energy efficiency by relating use of lighting to occupation (motion) in an area as well as to the amount of daylight contribution. The discrete, flush mounted unit is perfect for fitting into false ceilings within offices, corridors, stairwells, changing rooms, lobbies and a wide range of other areas.


• Motion and daylight detection.

• Fully adjustable for time-out (from 10 seconds to 7 minutes) and daylight-sensitivity.

• Ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc.

• Up to 1200W Tungsten loading.

• Up to 20W LED loading.

• 360 degree detection zone for optimum coverage.

• Up to 6m detection range.


• Bezel Diameter: 76 mm

• Cut Out Diameter: 63 mm

• Depth (Within Ceiling): 60 mm

• Power Source: 220-240V AC - 50/60 Hz

• Power Consumption: 0.45W (work); 0.1W (static)

• Maximum Load: 1200W (incandescent lamps), 300W (energy-saving lamp), 20W (LED lamp)

• Detection Range: 6m maximum diameter (<24OC)

• Time-Out Period: adjustable 10 sec (+/-3 sec) to 7 minutes (+/- 2 minutes)

• Ambient Light: 3-2000 lux (adjustable)

• Installation Height: 2.2m to 4m

Installation (by qualified electrician only)

• Avoid use in areas subject to drafts from radiators, air conditioning, etc.

• Not recommended for external use.

• Ensure maximum load (per lamp type) is not exceeded (see specification).

• Switch off power.

• Remove front cover (turn anticlockwise).

• Unscrew mains cover and mount base to ceiling.

• Connect power and load (see below).

• Screw back power cover.

• Adjust settings, replace cover: switch on power.

Testing and adjusting settings

• To test, turn LUX dial fully clockwise (max), turn the TIME dial fully anticlockwise (min) and turn the SENS dial to centre position.

• Once power is switched on there is a 30-second warm-up period, after which lights switch on upon detecting motion and stay on for 10 seconds after no motion is sensed.

• To increase ON period, turn TIME clockwise.

• To reduce daylight level at which sensor operates, turn LUX anti-clockwise.

• To adjust range/sensitivity, turn SENS dial.

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